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In this blog, I am documenting my life. I have come full circle, from trying to become a child of God to actually becoming one. It took me many years of self-deception and searching for something I could not describe to finally find Christ.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Beautiful Story about the true meaning of Christmas

A Beautiful Story about the Meaning of Christmas.

There once was a man who was a good husband and father, who always provided for his family, but he just could not accept someone coming down from Heaven, becoming a man, and saving a world of humans from sin. He wanted to be honest about it, so when his wife and children wanted to go to church on Christmas Eve, he said he could not be a hypocrite, and so, although he would be waiting for them to come home from church, he would not go with them.

They left, and he said good bye to them, and then he sat down to read his newspaper. After a while the snow began to fall. Suddenly he heard thump, thump, thump, on the picture window, and thought it was children throwing snowballs on the window. He went out to tell them to stop, when as he walked outside into the weather, he saw it was a flock of birds wanting to get into the house to keep warm as it was very cold. They were hitting the glass, thinking it was not there. He said, “I must do something for these birds, for they are cold and need to keep warm.” He opened up the barn, and tried to get them to go into it, but they would not go. He put bread crumbs down to attract them to go in, but still they would not go. He even tried to chase them in, but they would not go. Then, he thought, “If I only could become a bird, I could save these birds.” Just as he was thinking that, the church bells began to ring, sounding the message of Christmas. This man suddenly realized the full meaning of Christmas, that God sent His Son down to become a man to save us, just as he wished he could become a bird to save these birds. The man fell to his knees, and accepted Christ just then.

If our greatest need were for information,
God would have sent an educator.
If our greatest need had been for technology,
God would have sent a scientist.
If our need were for money,
God would have sent a banker of financier.
If our need were for entertainment,
God would have sent an entertainer.
But our greatest need was none of these.
Our problem was sin and our need was forgiveness,
And therefore, God sent a Savior.


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