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In this blog, I am documenting my life. I have come full circle, from trying to become a child of God to actually becoming one. It took me many years of self-deception and searching for something I could not describe to finally find Christ.

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I write research articles, have done so since 1994.  I married my best friend in 2012, and we are in it for the long haul.  I have four children and five grandchildren.  My expertise is in teaching Sunday School.  I love listening to them memorize verses, and telling them Bible stories.  You can see my current endeavors at, and on Facebook at Yucaipa Writer's Group.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I am listening to Sandler and Young

I am listening to Sandler and Young’s Christmas CD on my laptop and my husband is lying down after church on Christmas Eve. It is a lazy night after the rush of the season is over. The busiest day of the season was the 16th of December, as we had dinner and gift giving at Terry’s and in the evening I had my potluck in the clubhouse. Both went quite well, I must say. I am beginning to appreciate Doug’s family, as they all treat each other with the ultimate respect on holidays now. There is no back biting as there once was. Nobody drinks too much, and everybody is polite. This year we had a new guest, Jake’s new partner, Jan West, from our park. She plans to move to Arizona next year, but for now she goes everywhere with Jake. It’s nice, because he doesn’t have Norma anymore. I am beginning to like getting together with Doug’s family now, where previously I had misgivings because of some of the guys I had to put up with. But now it’s okay, because they most of the time behave.

Sandler and Young are singing O Holy Night now, and it is just quite nice to hear something from the old days for once. Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices, Gordon sang that in church tonight. He is part of the musical family of the church, consisting of his dad, his nephew, and his brother, and himself. We tease his brother, whose name is Glenn Campbell. His son, Eric, plays for the youth group, and he is good. Katie writes lyrics for him. Eric’s wife, Amy, is my friend, as is Sondra, Gordon’s wife. I really like all the Campbells. Erma directs the choir, which is getting low on members, so maybe I should join for a while. Have to get rid of this cold first.


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